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Oceans Magnesium Body Spray Inside Glass Bottle 

Magnesium spray also know as oil because of it's similar feeling when infused with water, has a long list of useful benefits.

Magnesium benefits may include:

Relief from muscle soreness
Relief from headaches and migraines
More restful sleep
Anxiety & stress relief 
Smoother skin
Can be used as a deodorant

You can spray all over your body, but you should avoid your eye area or any open scratches or wounds. Target area like your arms, legs, stomach and feet , while allowing it to absorb a few minutes.
Best when used after a shower or before bed. Some may experience a 'tingly" feeling during first initial uses. 
Spray 10-20 sprays per day depending on your needs and tolerance level, morning and night.

Available in 2 sizes

2oz and 4oz

Contents: distilled water, magnesium flakes. 

Look or color in photo may vary since it is handcrafted. Will look similar. 

*Disclaimer: Please read the ingredients listed above if you have allergies, and test a small area on your skin if you aren't sure. As you take full responsibility after purchase.

Oceans Magnesium Body Spray Oil Natural Pure - Woosah Anxiety & Stress Relief

  • *All sales are final no refunds no cancellations*

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