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Luxury Edition Energy Cleansing Candles With Wood Burning Crackling Wick

Clear out any negative energies or attachments in your home or place.

Sage, Palo Santo and Dragon's Blood is known for it's removal of negative energies, spiritual remedies as well as many other benefits.

Great for clearing objects of any negative vibes.

Lavender has a tendency to provide calming and relaxation benefits as well as many other benefits. Lavender has been used dating back to Egyptian times. Most known for help with insomnia, anxiety and general good mood booster.

* Different Scents Available To Choose From The Dropdown Menu*

*Look of items in photo may vary since it is handcrafted. Will look similar. 

16oz Candle burns 80-88+ hours

Not recommended to burn candles for more than 3-4 hours at a time.


Soy Wax-Fragrance Oil. Wood Wick. Sage Leaves, Lavender flowers (only in Lavender candle)

*All Sales Are Final No Refunds No Cancellations*

LUXURY Energy Clearing Cleansing Soy Wax Wood Wick Crackling 16oz Candles - Sage

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